A 3 week Self Love online group program for women.

A journey into the mystics of your heart, a journey that starts at the heart and is held by the heart. To go in conversation with the heart and give love and gratitude to the heart. To dive deep within, manifest and create. In contact with the womb, the divine feminine and the yoni.

A song from your soul & an awakening of your creativity

guided by your heart.

Do you want to fall depper in love with yourself?

Do you want to expand in love?

Do you want to feel yourself more fully, surrender, soften and expand into pleasure and growth?

Are you ready to follow the voice of your heart?

I invite you on this warmhearted & deeply transformative journey together in sacred sisterhood.



This course is made for you sister, who wants to find a gentle and loving way of connecting with yourself more intimately and deeply.

To find the love and freedom within.

For you who is longing to feel more pleasure for yourself, your daily life and in your intimate relationships.

For you who feels the calling to heal and to connect with sisters!

This course is for you who wishes to lighten up, fall in love with all your body parts and yourself - and to enjoy life even more.

So that you can feel filled full of energy and

live a pleasurable life from your heart!

You are invited to learn how to surrender and soften,

to fall into trust

as you may drop into that "feminine" space of openness & receiving.

- from where you can invite more.

Let's welcome the wild & free woman within.

I love to show you simple and sweet exercises, pure and sparkling practices, the most delicious and warmhearted meditations - so that you can connect with yourself and enjoy life even more. 

I invite you on a journey -  "IN TOUCH" with yourself and your inner essence, where you are invited to explore your "sacred se*xuality", your sensuality, your feminine essence, the wilderness of your heart, the love of your womb, your body, your dance, your breathe and your free, precious & beautiful aliveness!

// BONUS material //

  • 3 Recorded heart meditations

  • 1 Recorded breathe work meditation with self-pleasure to learn how to channel, move and cultivatelife force energy from within,

  • 2 exclusive recorded Heart Hatha Yoga Classes à 30 min by beautiful sister & Yoga Teacher Vera van der Slot * ! 

You have all the time the possibility to connect with me via email or telegram <3.

    All calls will be recorded and

    will be available for you.

    Dates of the calls :

    Saturday's - 22.10, 29.10, 5.11, 12.11

    + BONUS call 26.11

    5:00-6:00/6:30 pm CET

    Feel free to connect with me if you have any question.

    - The course -

    Week one / THE HEART

    1. Call + Home Play

    Opening Ceremony.

    Connecting with the heart. 

    Conversation with the heart.

    Connecting with the group.

    BONUS: - recorded heart opening yoga class with Vera van der Slot.

    - recorded heart meditation.

    Week two / THE WOMB

    2. Call + Home Play

    Womb and Yoni connection..

    Authentic movement. The devine feminine.

    Breathe work. Energy work.

    Self pleasure talk and sharing.

    Cultivating and moving Life force energy,

    How to bring your energy in to sparkling creativity

    and what has this to do with orgasms.

    Yoni map and Yoni massage.

    Emotional awareness techniques..

    Release. Relax.

    BONUS: - recorded Yoga class with Vera van der Slot.

    - recorded meditation / breathe work

    Week three / TOUCH

    3. Call + Home Play

    Self pleasure at home.

    Breathing practice and self pleasure.


    Shadow work.


    Talk about boundaries.

    Time in nature, creativity & creating visions

    Being creative together with the heart.

    The art of surrender.

    Final Heart prayer.

    4. Call Closing Ceremony.

    Two weeks later:


    Group sharing about the experience of the journey. 

    + weekly Home Play practices

    + Private Telegram Womb-Group


    There will be only 8 spots

    Price: 220 Euro, 2200 SEK.

    Reduced price: 190 Euro, 1900SEK.

    (Payment plans are welcome and available,

    for reduced price, feel free to contact me.

    4 weekly live calls à 1-1,5 h

    inclusive 1 bonus call!