Coaching 1:1

3 month coaching program 1:1

A deep transformative journey into your heart and essence on a somatic level - body, mind & soul.

This journey is made for you to guide you back home to yourself, release blockages, find acceptance, empower you to do life changing decisions, balance your inner feminine and masculine, set clear boundaries and free yourself from social, family and generational conditioning or limiting beliefs.

As you start to feel more and think less. You may feel more confident, emotionally balanced and excited about life. You may feel more radiant, shiny and in love with yourself and life. You may find it easier to find forgiveness and cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Also your relationships may be positively effected with loving yourself more fully. Where you found yourself stuck and blocked in your life before, life can now flow and show you it's abundance and bliss as you surrender to letting the magic happen.

TECHNIQUES & PRACTICES (that could be part of your personalized program)

  • Intuitive movement
  • Meditation
  • Energy work & Energy management
  • Life coaching
  • Emotional awareness
  • Shadow work
  • Breathwork
  • Embodiment techniques
  • Toning & voicework
  • Womb & yoni healing
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Tantra
  • Time in nature
  • Rituals
  • Full and New Moon ceremonies

When meeting IRL one intuitive touch massage treatment is included in the program.

During the 3 months we meet for 6 sessions à 1 - 1,5 h.

Weekly I send you Home Play practices and recorded meditations to deepen your experience. I am available for you via Telegram and email. 

This coaching program will offer you many tools that you can bring into your daily life to establish a healthy and heart connected lifestyle created and empowered by yourself.

When you feel commited to this inner work full heartedly, you may have a life changing and profound experience that can last a lifetime.

Do you feel ready to live from the Heart?

Reduced price:

1.100 Euro

Payment plans are available and warmly welcome. 

Mini Heart Coaching

A personalized one time session à 1h to relax into your body and connect to your heart in a gentle and warm space.

I guide you on a journey into the silence and mystics of your heart through meditation and energy work.

Afterwards you may feel lighter, liberated, empowered and more connected to yourself.

The session includes: 1 Home Play practice and 1 recorded meditation.

88Euro, 888SEK

The sessions are available online via ZOOM

or IRL in Stockholm, Sweden.

When located in Stockholm there is a possibility that I can come to your place if you wish - then an extra 300 SEK will be charged.

The sessions can be held in English or German.

Does this resonate with you?

I am always meeting my clients with my full hearted presence, deep listening and a great sense of compassion and empathy.

I am intuitively guided, perceiving energies in a subtle and clear way and I am always listening to what is needed for your body and heart in the moment. Emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

If you feel a big YES with any of my offerings, it would be a true honour and blessing for me to get to assist you on your journey home to yourself.

"Do it! It will open you in such a beautiful and safe way. I feel even more whole, motivated and inspired to follow my hearts calling".


Warmly welcome to book a

free discovery call with me!