About Yessi

Hi, I'm Yessi!

I am an intuivtive healer, heart & embodiment coach, bodyworker,

actress, artist and a conscious-event manager.

In my sessions I am meeting my clients with my full hearted presence, deep listening and a great sense of compassion and empathy. I am intuitively guided, perceiving energies in a subtle and clear way and I am always listening to what is needed for your body and heart in the moment. Emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

For me one of the purest, deepest and most pleasurable ways of healing is the healing through sacred sexuality. I have started to apply practices from healing techniques from Sacred Sexuality and Tantra into my offerings - what makes me very excited!


My deep passion and interest in bodywork, meditation, spirituality and psychology started to show up during my acting education in my early 20's - around 10 years ago.

When finishing the acting education I felt that there is something more waiting for me. I love acting, it's fun, liberating and it's teaching me a lot about myself and life. Yet, I felt the calling to connect even deeper with myself and to follow my inner truth.

I started to join yoga classes, to meditate, connected deeper with nature, traveled by myself to different places of the world, went to many different spiritual and conscious festivals and my whole life changed as I started to let go of older parts of myself and healed.

I was following my heart and my inner truth instead of doing what was planned for me to do and what other people expected me to do.

I decided to dive deeper into healing arts and started to learn and felt so free, alive, excited and filled with purpose!

I joined different courses, had wonderful teachers, joined workshops and spend many years learning about life and studying to start working as an intuitive healer, body worker and coach. 

My journey of healing my own heart and rising above my inner suffering has been the most mind-blowing experience for me and I would love others to be able to experience this magic as well.