A life from the Heart.

Welcome home to your

true essence.

Hi, I'm Yessi!

A Somatic Embodiment coach

& Intuitive Healer

I am passionated to support you in healing and reconnecting to your body & heart so that you can unlock your fullest potential and live a radiant and healthy life in alignment with your truth.

I offer 1:1 sessions, courses & events.

IRL and online.

Coaching 1:1

Are you longing to live a life more from your Heart?

I'm here to guide you on a journey of love, peeling of the layers of limitations and conditioning so that you may feel yourself more fully with compassion so that you can embrace life in abundance, beauty and harmony.

"After my 1:1 journey with Yessi I felt more connected to myself and in love with myself and life. A seed got planted that now can grow on it's own".


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Are you Ready to Shine?

Let's connect!

Feel free to book a Discovery call with me to find out if what I offer resonates with your Heart. Together we will craft a journey according to your needs and wishes.

Words from Clients

“I feel more confident to fully express my authentic self and embody both my light and my darkness.”


Yogateacher & artist - Germany

"Little things that remind me of negative experiences from previous relationships sometimes trigger strong emotions in me, but now I can distinguish more consciously whether I am reacting to old wounds or to something in the present".


CEO - Germany

The therapeutic value of the sessions was gold in terms of  confidence, self-love and trust"


Student - Switzerland

Beautiful you, 

What is your Heart saying? 

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